Having your child’s shoes correctly fitted can help prevent problems occurring to their feet in later life. It’s important to examine your child’s bare feet on a regular basis for any redness or areas of irritation. Also, your child may not know or be able to explain that their shoes are too tight. If there is a problem, please check the fit of the shoes. In some cases, the problem may not be associated with the shoes, in which case contact your local Chiropodist/Podiatrist – please see page 11.

How to Ensure Properly Fitting Shoes for Your Children

Purchase shoes from a children’s shoe shop where a trained shoe fitter will measure your child’s feet free-of-charge. The shoe fitter will advise you if your child needs new shoes and how much time they may have left in their

existing shoes and also give advice about growth, development and general foot health.

• Shoes should be fitted to leave about 18mm 2 the longest toe and the end of the shoe

• Shoes must fit firmly at the heel, and should have a fastening to hold the foot securely

• Please see our general tips on buying shoe.