Al Khamis Plaza


General Leather Manufacturing Company LLC is part of Al Khamis Trading Company. has been established since 1989 and specialized in men’s slippers called Naalat. There are three lines of production at present Gazala,Tiger,and Dana which are registered Trade Marks.

The products of General Leather Mfg.Co. are of high quality , chic , and beauty in the line of world wide style . Comfort is one of the features of company’ product with stress on quality to Italian standard.

The secret behind this success is the high tech machineries , selection of high quality of leathers and soles, and raw materials , in addition to the trained and skilled labours and experts in designing and production operations.

The company works in accordance to technical strategy that avail its strength to compete in local market and export to GCC countries due to the company’s awareness of these markets.

The company also is qualified to fulfill any customer request to produce special models design that meets their market requirements.