Heel – this should have a broad base, and should be no greater than 4cm (1 1/2″)

Heel Counter – this reinforces the heel cup and stabilises the foot upon ground contact

Sole – should provide cushioning and protection for comfortable walking, and enough grip to prevent slipping.

What Should you look for?

Upper – ideally made from natural materials such as leather or breathable fabrics to keep feet comfortable

Linings – breathable materials such as leather or fabric keep the foot fresh; they need to be smooth and seam-free
Fastenings – laces or straps with buckles or touch fastenings help to hold the foot securely within the shoe

Toe Box – sufficient depth to prevent rubbing and allow toes to wiggle

Insole – preferably removable to allow easy insertion of padding or orthoses

Fintop Jump

Sand Grip

Sentry Ward

Rodin Blaze


Forrest Drop